8 Healthcare Entrepreneurs on a Mission to Change the World

Whether its healthcare conferences or digital advocates, social media experts, brand influencers, everyone has been pointing to one big idea – technology will disrupt the way we deliver, use and ‘see’ the healthcare industry.

Take for the instance, the shared economy model which has already been applied to breast milk, virtual reality (VR) which is being used to treat anxiety and phobias, and artificial intelligence (AI) which is now detecting cancer in patients. In 2020, we will see even more diverse and interesting applications in health.

At LAMA, we are fortunate to have a large community of health-tech founders who are working on some very interesting offline and online health initiatives. Let us introduce you to some of them:

1. Meet the doctor with a solution for front-line healthcare teams 💊

Pediatric ICU Medical Director Arup Roy-Burman, MD created Elemeno Health to close the healthcare “knowledge-practice gap”. While modern hospitals have all the equipment, professionals and treatments to save lives, they often lack the tools to make sure the hardware, human resource and medicine is used and applied in the right context. Elemeno’s cloud-based platform reduces medical errors and inconsistencies leading to more patient lives saved.

Interview with Arup Roy-Burman,
CEO & Co-founder @ Elemeno Health

2. Meet the Behavioral Neuroscientist bringing ‘wellness’ and ‘stress management’ through her digital platform 🧠

Katherine Curtin, PhD created the platform Neolth for two reasons – one to help healthcare professionals monitor stress and anxiety symptoms of their patients in-between visits and the other to have a handy and personalized stress management toolkit available to patients at all times.

Interview with Katherine Curtin, PhD
Founder @ Neolth

3. Meet the sexologist bringing pleasure education to colleges and universities 🍑

Most of us grow up barely understanding ‘sexual consent’ in our relationships let alone how to express ourselves sexually. Sexologist, therapist, educator and TEDx speaker Mal Harrison decided to change that with her Center for Erotic Intelligence. Her programming allows young men and women to see ‘reproductive health education’ through an engaging, interactive and creative lens.

Interview with Mal Harrison
Clinical Sexologist, Founder/CEO of Center for Erotic Intelligence

4. An entrepreneur bringing healthy food options through vending machines 🥗

From delivering healthy office lunch boxes to installing cashless vending machines for healthy snacks that are connected to the internet and wheelchair accessible, Sara Roberts of Healthy Nibbles is working towards providing busy and constantly on-the-go professional with convenient and easily available healthy eating options.

Interview with Sara Roberts
Founder and CEO at Healthy Nibbles

5. Meet the engineer using IoT sensors to track compromised lab samples 🔬

Founder Jarie Bolander founded Lab Sensor Solutions after working on another startup called Ion Torrent which also dealt with the clinical laboratory market. He realized that there was a big need for tracking samples like blood, tissue, urine, pharmaceuticals and this could easily be done through Bluetooth Low Energy, mobile apps and SaaS software as a service.

Interview with Jarie Bolander
Executive Director at JSY Giving
Founder & COO @ Lab Sensor Solutions, Inc.

6. Meet the fitness enthusiast tackling obesity within the black community 💪🏾

After looking at a lot of depressing statistics about Black people being more obese than other groups or communities, entrepreneur Richard Bailey founded a platform called GrpFit. The big idea was to help members motivate each other and allow them to share their health and fitness ups and downs.

Interview with Richard Bailey
CEO & Co-Founder at GrpFit

7. The designer helping customers quantify how well they see 👀

We often take our visual health for granted, until we are forced one day to wear glasses or contact lens.  However, co-founder Sven Neitzel decided to develop LooC with leading Ophthalmologists so they could enable people to continuously measure and check their visual health and see how they compare to others. This allows people to detect any eyesight problems early on.



8. Meet the sexuality expert selling safe and healthy intimate care products 👯‍♀️ 

As an women’s health advocate, founder Rebecca Alvarez realized early on that most people, especially women do not really know that many of their intimate care products have toxic ingredients. She became even more aware of this problem and mindful of the products after she took care of her mother who was suffering from cancer. This helped her create a trusted e-marketplace called  The Bloomi for hygiene, menstrual cycle, sexual wellness and pregnancy products.

Interview with Rebecca Alvarez Story,
Founder/CEO of The Bloomi

Do you want to speak one-on-one with these healthcare experts? Or are you an entrepreneur with a strong vision to transform the healthcare industry? Download the Lama app, get interviewed by our journalists, or connect with our community of founders, evangelists, investors and influencers.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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