LAMA: The Interview as a Service Platform

Who We Are:

Hey there! 

We’re Alex and Mario, the co-founders of LAMA, the video interview app that connects people in the business world. 🙌 We come from Austria and Italy, and LAMA is the second app we’ve developed! We’re based in Berlin, where we work with an international team of journalists, developers, and writers to provide unique and exciting interviews for our users. 

How We Met:

We came up with the idea for LAMA while working on our previous venture, Greetzly, over two years ago. We had already developed the “video shoutout” app to connect celebrities and their fans, and we saw the benefit of creating a similar platform for startup entrepreneurs, founders and changemakers.

The Problem We Wanted to Solve:

We had been working on LAMA for about 18 months when we were selected for the Next Media Accelerator in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout our time in the Accelerator, we were able to recalibrate how we approached the problems facing not only the media field but the PR field as well. A lot of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers spend a huge amount of time getting publicity and networking to get the word out about their work. This is time-consuming and often frustrating, especially when this time should be spent working on other projects. Traditionally, it costs a large amount of money, time and coordination to produce videos for PR and publicity purposes. Who has time for that?!

With LAMA, it takes TWENTY MINUTES to create a customized video interview about your work, which you can then use for your own marketing and PR purposes. Our new product streamlines the interview process. After several iterations and a ton of research, we’ve finally unveiled our new B2C product! 🚀


Our New Product: 

So, how does it work? Let us take you through our user journey. Here we go! 

There are two ways to sign up for LAMA. You can either log in with your LinkedIn account, which will autofill your past and current employment information, or you can sign up with your email account and manually tell us a bit more about your work. 

Self-Produced Interviews

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have two options for creating your interview. If you choose, you can create your own interview questions from our database of questions revolving around everything from founding a company, your development process, growth ideas and much more. Here are a few examples: 

What were some of the main challenges you faced throughout the growth process of {your company name}, and how did you overcome these challenges?

What sets your approach to business and sales apart from others in the field?

What is one thing you wish investors knew about the {—-} industry? 

How did you build up the current team at {company name}, and how did you find the right employees for your unique company and mission? 


Each LAMA interview consists of five questions, and you’re able to do multiple interviews if you choose! If you’d like to have a more curated and customized interview, we suggest going with option number two: 

Journalist Hire

LAMA’s greatest asset is our talented team of journalists, who have worked with media companies like The Guardian, NPR, The Atlantic, and much more. They’re uniquely prepared to help you create the most impactful and informative interview you have. Do you have an upcoming project, product or book release to promote, then our team will work to make sure your interview is perfect for your needs.

Once you select the “Hire a Journalist” option, then you’ll be matched with a journalist to create your interview. After conducting research on your work, they’ll contact you to see how to best move forward creating your interview with questions you’ll be excited to answer. Once your interview is created, you can easily answer the questions – via the LAMA app on your smartphone – at your own convenience.

Once you’ve answered all of the questions we’ll create a personalized LAMA landing page for your interview – complete with transcriptions of your video answers. You’re able to share this landing page with your peers, networks, investors, you name it!

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.58.56 AM

If you’d like to take the guesswork out of getting your idea out there, then we have the perfect service for you: 

Distribution Packages 

We know that it takes a ton of work to create a publicity or PR video, and even more work to get it to the right channels and people. With the LAMA distribution package, we distribute your interview landing page, complete with transcriptions, to the most important networks and channels for your field. Through our network of newsletters, boosted ads and organic reach, we ensure that your interview will have at least 50 thousand impressions. 

With our new product, we hope to level the playing field of PR and make sure that everybody can afford a sleek, customized interview that meets their needs. We see the value in the face-to-face interaction between founders and potential clients and investors, and we know our product will help you properly convey the right message to the right people. 

The interview itself is free, and our distribution packages start at just 300 euros – a fraction of the price of creating and distributing a traditional marketing or publicity video. 


What’s Next:

Our new product will be live in the next weeks, and we plan on scaling our interview capabilities to meet our growing client base. The more interviews we conduct, the better our AI gets at suggesting unique questions for each user. Depending on need, we also plan on growing our team of journalists as well.

🔥 If you’re an entrepreneur, a content creator, or a professional looking for the perfect interview to get the word out about your company or project,  get in touch!

PS: We’re on Product Hunt today, help us with an upvote and/or a comment! Go to the Product Hunt website > Today > ‘Newest’ > Scroll down, look for LAMA 2.0 > Upvote & Comment ❤️

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