How to self-promote without sounding like a total douche

When something brilliant or unexpected happens to us, the five-year-old in all of us wants to shout it out from the rooftops, drop this random information in every conversation, and send a screenshot to all our frenemies who once doubted our abilities and skills. Of course, you deserve to celebrate…but doing it with a sense of gratitude, humility and in relevance will go a long way in your journey.

At Lama, we truly believe that every person should invest time and effort in building their personal brand identity. Whether it’s a project or gig you want or a job that you desire, every recruiter or client is looking at how you’ve positioned yourself online. Do you use social media for just pleasure, business, or social good? Do you hide yourself or sway audiences with your opinion? Do you celebrate diverse opinions or stick with your own?

In this day and age, it’s important to promote yourself and your vision. But doing it brashly can be more damaging than staying absolutely silent. So how does one talk about themselves with humility, empathy and heart? Our entrepreneurial community has tested and tried a few cool tricks that we’d like to share with you.


  1. Phrase your achievements & journey into a story


People love hearing, reading, watching stories. And when they are real with you as the primary protagonist, they have even more impact. So place yourself in this storyline. Start from your biggest project win or award and write your way back to the beginning. Share the way you stumbled, the mistakes you made, the lessons you learnt and how you managed to reach the finishing line.

When you give the context of the struggles, so many people will not only celebrate with you but also come forward to help you on your next journey. For storytelling and idea sharing, Medium and Linkedin blog is a great medium to share long textual posts.


  1. Tweet – but totally unlike Trump

Many people think Twitter is dead, but we absolutely disagree! The best things are always told in a few words only. But using this platform well requires a lot of practice and self-restraint. For every tweet about you, your thoughts or your articles or books or awards, there should be at least 10 tweets where you are sharing, quoting, celebrating other experts and professionals. Have some interesting tweets that people do the promoting for you. This is also the best place to find your personal voice. Test out what works and what doesn’t, what audience loves you and what gets the most visibility.


  1. Provide value in social media groups

These days, there is a social media group for every possible profession, problem or challenge. But many of us watch the action from afar and don’t really initiate conversations or become solution providers in those groups. You can select the right group with a huge audience and go Facebook live in it. Immediately you will get more visibility and a way to interact with this audience. If you strategically sell yourself through this conversation, your product, or vision, it may translate to more visitors on your website, sales conversion or like on your page.


  1. Sign off emails like a serial killer

Every good serial killer leaves a mysterious message, calling card or signature move behind. The poor detective is left collecting the traces and making sense of this symbol, word, number or sign. You don’t always have to be a serial killer for a signature move. When writing an email, leave something a little bit more than just your social media details and phone number. Maybe attach a picture that demonstrates your work in full glory, maybe a link to your latest book, blog or even interview.   

But whatever you do, please don’t sign off with a cliché motivational quote!


  1. That’s right, get interviewed!

Publicity through an important channel or medium can do wonders for your personal brand. With thought-provoking questions posed by a journalist, you have an opportunity to give insightful answers that remain on the web for a long time. The interviewer will push your interview through its social media channels making the promotion side of things easier for you.


If you are an entrepreneur looking to be interviewed, LAMA app has a team of international journalists conducting insightful video interviews of interesting founders every day. Sign up to be interviewed and let us promote your vision and words to the world.

Photos by Unsplash, Facebook, Twitter, Medium & Buster Guru

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