7 innovative companies you need to follow on LinkedIn

If you want to be considered a thought leader or influencer on a specific topic, there is no place you should be spending more time at than Linkedin. From networking, marketing about your latest entrepreneurial adventures to picking up clients and potential employees, there’s so much this social platform has to offer! With 562 million users, ability to push sponsored content, join specific groups, this network is made for putting your company, ideas and yourself on a pedestal.

But to truly utilize the full benefits of Linkedin, you need to look at how some of the most innovative companies, startups and influencers are using it best. This week, we narrowed down 5 of our favorite Linkedin company profiles based on their high reach, engagement style, job interest or retention rates.

  1. Amazon 

While Amazon stocks might be in the gutter lately, their Linkedin posts have never been more peppy.  Jeff Bezos has always been a firm believer in building an experience, and that’s exactly what they offer with their Linkedin look. It gives you a holistic snapshot of their global operations and worldwide reach, and their posts focus on their employee’s success stories, sharing their diversity agenda, highlights from their events and of course posting about new jobs and openings.


  1. Netflix:

When it comes to innovation in one’s approach, no one can do it better than Netflix founders Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph who turned their DVD rental company to an online streaming company. Netflix has a more personal and less corporate tone and voice – they definitely don’t mind sharing emojis, podcasts and dinosaur memes. Their values, culture and creativity pop out and can give you some great ideas if you want to stay away from an impersonal tone.


  1. Gary Vaynerchuk & Vayner Media

Serial entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author, Gary Vaynerchuk, knows exactly how to use Linkedin to promote his work, companies and beliefs. While he may have fewer followers, his posts especially videos have higher engagement rates. He makes great use of the Linkedin Blog Post feature and publishes advice for the creative-minded young folk. If you don’t leave his profile convinced you can scale a mountain, start the next Apple or make your struggling startup go IPO, you haven’t been fully Vaynerchucked.


4. Lama

Looking for stories from new entrepreneurs or those who have achieved celebrity status? Founders Alexander Lachinger and Mario Arabov’s vision of building a collaborative and supportive global community for the millennial doers has given birth to an app where entrepreneurs are constantly sharing their narrative through video. Everyday, their Linkedin page features a new entrepreneur in a new industry creating change and impact. From fashion design to blockchain and AI, their feed can help you find your next mentor, advisor, investor or friend.


5. EY

While Ernst & Young (EY) is the global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, their content on Linkedin is the leader in consistency, design aesthetic, and simplicity. What we find impressive is that most of their top leadership produces their own Linkedin blogs and each post is shared by EY Linkedin page. Celebrating their employees, producing podcasts and sharing events and news about their company is what fills up their weekly timeline.

EY6. Blinkist

Voted as Germany’s top startup of 2018 and currently the leader in the education tech category, Blinkist allows users to understand and read the gist of hundreds of books through its short audio and textual summaries. You can rely on them for colour, corny puns, and adorable pup pictures. Blinkist is the perfect example of a growing company with great influence not losing their personal voice and style.


7. HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum 

We all know which politician isn’t using social media right! But if there’s one politician who understands the power of Linkedin and has the right amount of restraint, it has to be Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid. As the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Rashid uses Linkedin to give us an inside to UAE’s grand vision for the future. He regularly shares pictures from events he’s attending, videos of his appearances on television, and updates from his meetings with diplomats.


Are you looking to build your presence on Linkedin? Lama is a video Q&A app which is used by influencers, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world to get feedback & advice. Come and share your Linkedin queries with our community, and we promise you’ll leave the app with innovative ideas and solutions.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

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