I heart entrepreneurship because…..

A few days ago a frustrated friend was taking some time off work and asked whether he should join another organisation or start his own business. Without even flinching, I suggested, “start a business”. This was surprising considering I complain non-stop about entrepreneurship, hate the long hours, the 24/7 extroversion and the added responsibility of a team. And yet, if I look back even at the worst parts of entrepreneurship, they still somehow seem better than a traditional 9-5 job.

Why do entrepreneurs love what they do despite all the hurdles? Why do we glamorize entrepreneurship so much? Are we just addicted to the roller-coaster of emotions, the feeling of hitting jackpot? Or are we just sick of being bossed around and want some creative freedom? We turned to our Lama community of founders, creatives, influencers and decision-makers to get the answer.

  1. “I love entrepreneurship because it allows me to mold, shift and recreate time”

John Strawn, the Executive Director of Content at Common Era Motion, suggests that those people who are constantly frustrated with time constraints and want to have control over their ability to grow should take an aim at entrepreneurship.  having worked for corporates in the past, Strawn always felt there was a ceiling over him and around him. He could also not work in spurts or sprints. With entrepreneurship, he had the freedom to act and work outside of the designated 8-5 time slot.

John Strawn - Lama User
John Strawn – Lama User

2.  “I enjoy entrepreneurship as it allows me to jump-start ideas, programs and innovations”

Rod Turner, Founder & Chairman of Manhattan Street Capital, loves the power of building something into existence that never existed before. He loves using these ideas to directly accelerate his business and create an impact in the world. He feels that the more time you input in your business, the bigger payoff you’ll see in your organisation. While making these innovations, you’ll also grow as a leader and get a chance to develop your team. Entrepreneurship is also the one place where creating positive impact in the world can lead to monetary gains.

Rod Turner - Lama User
Rod Turner – Lama User

3. “I love the hustle of it”

Frontend Developer Eder Negrete shares that he loves that razor sharp focus one develops as an entrepreneur. In the early stages of any startup, product, team and vision, the founder is involved in almost every decision and step of the company. While this can be tedious at times, the hustle and experience can be crucial for one’s personal and professional development. The more entrepreneurial experience one gains, the better he or she can get at the entrepreneurship game.

Eder Negrete - Lama User
Eder Negrete – Lama User

4. “Entrepreneurship allows me to do what I love every day”

Annabel John, founder of Modestwist, still can’t believe that she wakes up everyday to turn her dreams into reality. For someone who truly believes that life is way too short to be wasted on something one despises, entrepreneurship allows you to take full control of your life and destiny. Knowing that your product could help someone and invoke change is also great feeling to have.

Annabel John - Lama User
Annabel John – Lama User

Do you agree or disagree with our community? Come share your opinion on Lama where we celebrate our entrepreneurial ideas, visions, skills and differences. Here’s your chance to get featured in an interview or ask our mentors and advisors some tough startup questions.

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