Growth hacking your way to global domination

Its been 8 years since entrepreneur Sean Ellis originally coined the term “growth hacking”. And boy has it grown from a mere job description well-funded companies posted online to a massive marketing movement. Can you imagine that the Russians used many of growth hacking tactics to influence the US elections?

Although growth hacking still falls in the domain of marketing, growth hacking requires a different mindset than what most traditional marketers offer and have in their toolbox. Growth hacking requires a ‘unicorn’ who understands marketing and coding just as well. Because growth hacking is more science than core selling. Its all about testing, tracking, and scaling!

While hiring a full-time growth hacker can be expensive for a young startup, you can copy many of their tactics easily. Just remember that having a singular focus can really have an impact. Have some key metrics in mind that you want to grow, grow, grow. It could be anything from active/registers users, no. of viewers, newsletter sign-ups, no. of downloads, you’d know best what is important for your startup.

Our LAMA founder community is always testing and trying out different growth hacks. They shared some DIY growth hacks that you can easily try out yourself.

  1.   Web scrape the hell of out of the right website

Dusan Pavic, Product Owner at Netconomy suggests web scraping from a website/forum/community where you know your potential community or users exist and are active. To give you a background on web scraping, it’s the ability to extract lots of data from a website that can be saved to a file. Once you have your CSV file, classify the leads and categorize them. In the beginning, concentrate on funnelling from a few important places, with more time and experience you’ll find more places to create these funnels.

Dusan Pavic - Lama User
Dusan Pavic – Lama User

2. Leverage Linkedin Automation

Growth hacker and consultant Angelo Sorbello is no stranger to this topic. He suggests something as simple as using Linkedin effectively.  He promises that the results are incredible and the quality of leads is great. However, scaling can be hard as you can only get 10-15 leads per week. Sorbello has been able to get meetings with CEOs of large companies through it. People will be jumping on board on the Linkedin bandwagon in the next few years, so hop on board before everyone else. He predicts the platform will become too crowded soon.

Angelo Sorbello - Lama User
Angelo Sorbello – Lama User

3. Use Facebook groups strategically

Many niche Facebook groups have great engagement and user activity. Our Lama user Mario Arabov recommends finding a way to convert traffic from such groups without spamming or advertising your service/app/product/website openly.

Whilst working on a ride-sharing project, he started sharing screenshots from his website about some of the rides he had taken through his own platform. He also instructed some of his friends to do the same. This quickly piqued the interest of many users and they asked or researched his service more and more. The screenshots neither violated the group’s policies but also shared some critical information about the website.

Mario Arabov - Lama User
Mario Arabov – Lama User

We are fortunate to have more than a few great growth hackers already in the LAMA community who have worked with incredible startups and brands to reach their goals. We also have some founders who are testing new growth hacking strategies daily. Share your wins and woes with them and get some quick feedback through our video Q&A platform.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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