Blockchain bound to make the world a better place?

From tracking where our food comes from to helping people get married, it seems Blockchain technology is everywhere. While we mostly hear about its application in the financial and legal industry or how it could change the government’s’ role, blockchain has just as many implications for the creative industries. Almost anywhere that there is trustlessness or exploitation, some smart individual is using blockchain to bring transparency to our transactions. Many of these smart people are Lama users who have tied blockchain technology with their long-term vision. This week, we thought we’d introduce some of the latest trends in blockchain and the experts who can you can discuss them with:

  1. Blockchain will bring structures to life

CEO & Co-founder of Brickschain Bassem Hamdy is enabling people to connect, catalogue, and manage the DNA of buildings through Blockchain technology. Apparently, 95 per cent of all construction related data is thrown away once the building or project is complete. Brickschain is changing that by not only coordinating this data, managing facilities where this data is created, but also making sure that all this powerful data is handed over to the final owner.

Bassem H - Lama User
Bassem H – Lama User
  1. Entertainment will be decentralised

Under his brand Volareo, Conor Fitzpatrick and his team have developed the world’s first open source and decentralised smart speaker that uses blockchain technology. With Cryptocurrency integration, the speaker supports tokens such as Musicoin, Emanate, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It allows one to use their voice to “buy products, tip favorite artists and exchange fiat in crypto”. The smart speaker is originally intended for musicians, developers and voice. The startup is trying to raise money through an indiegogo campaign that goes live this week.

Conor F - Lama User
Conor F – Lama User
  1. Costs of transactions will go down

According to corporate lawyer and attorney Ron Rohde (who has a personal interest in blockchain and crypto community and has worked with large mining clients), the trickle-down effect of blockchain might not be so obvious to the end user. The blockchain movement will remain more on the backend of the legal and financial world. However, the lack of errors and zero third-party meddling will definitely bring down costs of doing business altogether.

Ron R - Lama user
Ron R – Lama user

4. Blockchain get rich schemes will be aplenty

Award-winning journalist Matthew Hussey has developed a new learning platform called Aysha that is helping people understand the complex world of blockchain by breaking it down and making it super simple and easily understandable for the audience. This allows people to not get caught up in those shady get rich schemes, scams and phishing schemes that have popped up in the last few months around blockchain. He recently launched Aysha on Product Hunt and received an interesting response.

Matt Hussey - Lama User
Matt Hussey – Lama User

5. People will still invest in good blockchain-based ideas

Speaker, mentor, advisor Dr. Kanth Miriyala is someone who truly believes in the power of blockchain. So much so, he’s developed his own podcast CryptoKnights as well as an investment fund for blockchain-based companies that have a great vision. With his podcast, he interviews extremely talented founders of blockchain businesses and with his investment fund, he interacts and raises funding from high net-worth individuals.

Dr. Kanth Miriyala - Lama User

Are you interested in learning more about Blockchain or want feedback on your blockchain-based product, idea, app or service? Download the LAMA app and pose a question to our community of experts, founders, and influencers!

Photo by Clint Adair on Unsplash

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