How can we improve your experience?

Feedback, feedback and more feedback. We’re a team that’s constantly learning from our users’ interactions and improving our app experience every day. That’s why we turn to our regulars to share what they love or would like to change about Lama’s features, format, interviews and more. Here is what they told us:

  1. Length of the Lama video could be shorter

“I think it’s a good idea to have video answers to questions. The only thing I think is going to be problematic is the length. I don’t know if people have the attention span to watch a two-minute video. If they did, it would be more helpful. But I’m not sure about the acceptance on a broader scale. I think for the intellectually curious, I think it’s going to be like Quora on steroids which is probably the idea. It allows more of your personality to show through. I think it has a place, I just think the answers are going to become shorter and shorter and it’s going to be difficult to have longer conversations. I think there are two sides to this – the interviews and the more deep conversations should be more centrepieces. Answers should be kept a little bit shorter – I don’t think people have the attention span for that. That’s my prediction – but other than that it seems like a very good platform. I’m enjoying it so far.” – Justin Fowler, Founder @

 2. The app allows users to learn a lot from each other 

“Yes – the app is awesome. I just signed up today. And I have already answered four questions. I feel like with everyone’s input, we’ll hopefully learn a lot from each other. So thank you!” – Gemma Williams,  Founder @ InkSmudge Journals.

3. We could use more push notifications

“I love the idea behind the app because it lets people talk about what they know. So it very well could be the next big thing. If I could offer some suggestions for improvement. Push notifications and stuff like that where you can get notified when you have incoming requests. Might make it easier to use and that way we can all access it the same way.” – Andrew Judd, Founder @ CheckItOn.Us

4. It makes us more honest

“I really like the idea of being able to ask a question to anyone, and they are replying in video format. For me its a little bit different. I’ve never done that part before but I think it makes us more honest and apparent. And in real time. It’s not like you are sitting behind a computer and typing a text. You actually get to see someone answer. I think that’s really cool. You guys are doing a great job – keep it up!” –  Jennie Legary, CMO @ imusify

5. I’d like to see a Desktop version

“I just downloaded the app and started using it a couple of days ago. So far I really like it. I’m a Quora user, obviously, this has some similarities but also some key differences such as this video format. I would really like to see (maybe because I’m old school) a Desktop version. I still use my laptop. I still use my iMac a lot and I can see myself using this on those platforms and systems. Its just a suggestion, keep up the good work.”  – Stephen Conley, Creator of 1K+ explainer videos.

Do you agree with this feedback? Is there anything else you’d like to share that can improve your experience with the Lama app? Write to us here!

Frame image by rawpixel on Unsplash

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