Our LAMA users contemplate on the meaning of life, the universe & everything around us

With two popular icons Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain gone from this world in the same week, we’re all left saddened and puzzled with this thing called life. Here were two people who seemed to have it all figured out – success, riches, travel, family, love and life. If life was a high school, these people would be your prom kings or queens! And yet, they felt so alone in their struggle that they had no choice but to end their lives. These tragedies make us realise that we know so little about ourselves, each other, the universe and life.

In this time of confusion, we turned to our community! Many of them gave their answer to the age-old question: “what is the meaning of life”.

  1. The meaning of life is “happiness”

“It’s looking everyday for your happiness. I think the whole world has been created to make you happy. To find the love of your life. To find the job of your life. To make mistakes and to understand what they are. To have around you, your parents, people you love. They will support you when you make mistakes. They will enjoy your positive moments. Being happy, sharing your happiness but also understanding that not everyday will be a positive day.”

LAMA user Valentina D’Avino
  1. The meaning of life is “making people’s lives better”

“I go through this exercise of thinking: when I am on my deathbed and I have a few hours or days left. And I am looking back at all that I accomplished and how I spent my time, how I made people feel, what is it that will make me proud? It takes me five minutes to have your life’s trajectory figured out. When I am in that position, and I am looking back at my life, I want to make sure that the time I spent on Earth, was making other people’s lives better. Promoting the planet’s sustainability. Have an Earth around for future generations. As far as we know, this is the only place where we can live. We need to take care of it. I do this through my career coaching so people can live happier, healthier lives. And they can drive positive outcomes with the work that they do day to day. So much of us spend majority of our lives in whatever our careers are, so making sure that aligns with your true purpose. So when you look back when you are nearing the end, you are proud of what you have accomplished.”

LAMA user Ross Wehner
  1. The meaning of life is: “no regrets”

“The meaning of life is to do all the things that you want to do. And do it so you don’t have to regret it. If you want to go to Disneyland, go to Disneyland. If you want to start a business, start a business. If you want to move to Europe, do it! Whether it works out, or it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to live with regret. There’s another way of looking at it. The meaning of life depends on each person and you have to give it meaning yourself. So for you the meaning of life might be to contribute, or do something really big in the music industry. Or it could be to live a simple life, take care of family. For me, it’s doing whatever you want to do and not letting anyone or anything stop you from doing it. So when you look back at life, you don’t feel any negativity.”

LAMA user Theo j Ellis
  1. The meaning of life is: “to find out the answer to this question”

“If you use your time trying to answer it, then you will always be on the right way. Because you can always question yourself. Why am I doing things? Where am I doing them? When am I doing them? With whom am I doing them? I answer that I just want to make this world a better place. And that’s how I found my vision. If you are an entrepreneur, you need a vision. So try to answer this question. What is it that you want to do in your life? “

LAMA user Eveline Lemke
  1. The meaning of life is: “there is no meaning”

“The answer is pretty easy. The simple answer is there is no meaning of life. Or the universe, or anything else except the meaning you give it.”

LAMA user Rlnd Rsswrm
  1. The meaning of life: “quantum mechanics”

“There are quite a few views about it. Spiritual alignment. Some will say quantum mechanics, black holes, string theory. Some say that the universe does not exist. Personally, I think, the meaning is quantum mechanics, engineering, and your health and actions to other and your emotions. At this point, it’s all about perception. If you act a certain way, the world will seem that way. “

LAMA user Matt Modd
  1. The meaning of life: “kindness”

“For me personally, can be put in one word – kindness. People in this time and age, especially in developed countries, don’t care about people in need. Or at least most people don’t. They are too selfish. Sometimes they are too busy in their daily lives. Being kind and caring to others. And noticing those who are in need. I think that is what is most important and is the meaning of life.”

LAMA user Tsubasa Kato

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Featured Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

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